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an interview from St Louis Public Radio June 16, 2016


On May 3, 2014 the NHPF board of directors met at the Hall of Fame tournament in Wentzville, MO. We hope to make this an annual occurrence as the amount of goodwill created by board members walking around chatting with folks is immeasurable. This meeting proved to be a productive one as our newest board member Phyllis Quist was able to see some of the intricacies of the building and its environs.

We finalized the new brochure, which will include the brick order form for ordering a brick that would be placed in the Jack Freeman Memorial Plaza. We also intend on sending a supply to each Charter President for distribution to their Charter clubs. We also intend on using these brochures at rest stops along major highways into and around the St Louis area along with various tour groups and perhaps motels and businesses.

There was some discussion on creating an additional revenue stream by allowing other non-horseshoe related parties to rent the building provided that adequate supervision is maintained. NHPA members could rent the facility for birthday parties and such. Contract details are being worked out as we speak.

We were able to watch some of the engraving of the bricks. It's quite a process they use, first a stencil is created in their workshop, then it is determined where the brick is placed then the stencil is glued onto the brick, the surrounding bricks taped off with duct tape to avoid sandblasting the neighboring bricks. When sandblasting onto the stencil from about 6-8 inches away the effect blasts the letters into the bricks, they are then painted with a special paint that is rolled onto the stencil and forced into the letters; this special paint has a 30 year warranty. The stencil remnants are carefully removed and the remaining pieces are picked off, all other tape picked up, a little solvent to wash the glue residue off the brick and your brick is complete. Then the new batches of bricks are charted on the brick display panel located at the entrance to the HoF building. Adjacent to this display is a list of all the engraved bricks purchased by each Charter.

Over the course of the last couple of years we incurred some expenses that were rather large. Fixing the various leaks in the roof proved to be a major undertaking with each fastener being inspected for tightness and all old silicon removed from each one. Then a new sealer applied to each fastener and all seams. The roof was completely coated with a coating call Puma xl. It carries an 18 yr. guarantee against leaks. We had some repairs and maintenance to the Geothermal Heating System. Two of the three systems pumps went out and needed to be replaced. There are six heating & exchange units in the building. In one of the six units we had to replace a compressor and evaporator coil. As you can see maintenance of a building such as this becomes a continued expense. Note: the building will be eight years old this fall, so we can expect some ongoing expenses. That is where your donation will come in handy though and we sincerely appreciate your help.

The St. Charles County Parks Dept. is building a new road off of highway Z. It will make egress to the park much easier for everyone. Highway Z crosses Interstate 70 at a 90 degree angle and off of Highway Z it will be one turn into the park. Then about a one mile drive through the park to your Hall of Fame.

Come visit us at our booth at the World Tournaments we will be holding a silent auction on a few key items. We look forward with chatting to each one of you.


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